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Gan Hamoshavot, Petach Tikva

| Petach Tikva

On a sprawling 4.2 acre (17 dunam) plot of land in the up-and-coming, deluxe Neve Gan neighborhood in Petach Tikva, adjacent to the Em HaMoshavot neighborhood, Carasso Real Estate has constructed a high-quality residential project ideal for families. The complex includes four 20-story buildings, each containing 80 large and spacious apartments built to the highest, deluxe standards with rich-level finishes. “Gan HaMoshavot” offers a beautiful range of 4, 5 and 6-room apartments, garden apartments and luxurious penthouses.

To make this project a wonderland for the younger set, CARASSO REAL ESTATE built “Moshavat Hayeladim” (“The Children’s Moshava”) amidst the beautiful green, well-tended public gardens. The facility, spreading over a 300-square yard (250 sq. meters) area, offers an impressive host of leisure-time activities for the children. A dream come true for children and youth, the rooms are well-equipped for every activity from computers, computer and TV games, musical instruments, and sports facilities to and study and reading rooms. The project is nestled within the spacious Petach Tikva Park, enabling Gan HaMoshavot’s young residents direct access without ever having to cross a street.

Architecture: Architect Lea Rubanenko
Estimated population date: The project has been occupied