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Romema Neighborhood

| Jerusalem

This new, spacious shopping center is part of the exclusive residential and commercial project currently being constructed for Orthodox Jewish residents in the heart of Jerusalem's Romema neighborhood at the junction of Yermiyahu and Shamgar Streets. The entire project is a cooperative initiative of the companies A.K.H. Projects Maintenance Ltd of the A. Klein Group, Matamit Jerusalem Ltd. of the Ta’aman Group, and Carasso Real Estate, which holds 50% of the project.

The Psagot project ideally meshes the residential areas and the commercial floors, creating a unified and inviting community complex for its residents. Shops in Psagot Jerusalem are located around the perimeter of the residential project. In addition, an entire commercial floor will be constructed, featuring a spacious avenue of shops and a supermarket.

The total commercial space of the complex will reach some 7,500 square meters (9000 square yards), and will include around 300 parking places for visitors in addition to a private parking facility for residents.
The shops filling the new Psagot Jerusalem shopping center are projected to enjoy brisk, nonstop traffic from shoppers residing in the vicinity of the complex. These are characteristically large families, along with residents and investors from across the globe. Visitors will be attracted to the new center by its close, convenient proximity as well as by the special discounts available in the shops throughout.

Architecture: Bitman Ben-Tzur Architects
Estimated population date: December

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