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Ein HaYam, Hadera

| Hadera

In the western section of Hadera, with the seashore at its doorstep, the new neighborhood of Ein HaYam is currently being built to provide an ideal home for those seeking a lovely beachfront home with a reasonable price tag.
The neighborhood, also known as "Hofim," is being planned for around 1,500 families, who will live in residential complexes and private homes. Currently, educational institutions and a cultural center are under construction to serve the vibrant community.

Carasso Real Estate's new shopping center in Ein HaYam will be a beautiful, modern facility encompassing 3,000 square meters (3,600 square yards), including three commercial levels and an underground parking level (in addition to parking facilities at street level). The new shopping center will serve the residents of the neighborhood as well as those of the entire surrounding area, and will feature a variety of businesses to meet the new residents' needs. Among these enterprises are a supermarket, restaurant, coffee shop, fast-food chain, health clinic, and leisure time facilities.

Architecture: Avner Sher Architects
Estimated population date: First Quarter of 2018

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